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A nostalgic and hilarious show on the history of the comic book:


The Ups and Downs of Life as a Comic  Book  Creator

I Was Spider-Man’s Editor

Celebrating 42,000 Years of Comic  Bookstim quinn

Titanic Tim!  …Stan Lee

Tim Quinn is good  for vibes! …Brian May

Genius! …Gyles  Brandreth

Stories told in  pictures have been around for a long time…from prehistoric cave wall drawings  through the Bayeaux Tapestry. But it was those Masters of  Mirth the  Victorians who finally came up with the  handy-dandy-sized comic book and  a whole new astonishing art form was created. From the Penny Dreadful  to today’s  250  penny dreadfullers, comic book scriptwriter,  illustrator and editor Tim Quinn takes you on a highly nostalgic trip down  memory lane to meet some of the great and not-so great comic characters   of the last 150  years.

Tim also takes you behind-the-scenes from  his days working for The Beano, Sparky, Bunty,  Playhour, Jack  & Jill, Buster, The Topper, the Daily Mirror’s Jane  and Garth, and America’s finest Marvel Comics to running  his own comic book company alongside the elder daughter of Enid Blyton.

He  will guide you through the creation of a  brand new comic book character  and reveal to you his own secret identity as that Supreme  Speedster,  Jet Lagg.  The audience is invited to attend wearing capes and masks.

For 40 years Tim Quinn worked for the world’s most famous comic  book companies as scriptwriter, editor and illustrator on everything from  Beryl the Peril, Korky the Cat, Bunty, Desperate Dan, and the  Bash Street Kids to Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron  Man and the Incredible Hulk. With a lifelong love and  encyclopedic knowledge of comic books he takes his audience on a hilarious and  highly nostalgic trip through the last 150 years screening images of the best  and the worst strip creations.

Tim will also take his audience behind the  editorial scenes at various comic book companies he worked for both in the UK  and the US, including the mighty Marvel Comics showing just how comic book  characters are created.

  • Hear how Tim teamed up with legendary Queen  guitarist Brian May to create a comic book without pictures..!
  • See how the  naughtiest comic strip ever seen was produced in the Marvel Comics basement..!
  • Find out how the daughter of Enid Blyton teamed up with the editor of  Spider-Man..! See the banned Spider-Man cover..!
  • What happened when the  Incredible Hulk met Dennis the Menace..?
  • How Tim survived being editor of  Barbie’s comic book..!

From  comic books Tim Quinn became a producer with LWT’s documentary tv series  The South Bank Show. One of his documentaries told the story of  fifty years of Marvel Comics. Today comic books are more popular than ever  before with blockbuster movies based on their characters topping ratings the  world over. Tim is currently working on a new strip titled, The Exploits  of Gordon Brown.

Suitable for boys and girls from  9-150!   (No nudity, swearing or violence but please come anyway.)  

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